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Crash Crawly's FAQs
  • Who is responsible for the children?
    Parents and/or guardians are responsible in supervising and ensuring the well-behaved conduct of the children, and MUST remain on-site at all times. Please note that Crash Crawlys staff are not responsible for the supervision or behavior of the children during their visit.
  • Are socks required to enter the facility?
    Yes, socks are required and they are also available for purchase.
  • What concession menu options do you have and can you pre-order food?
    {Click here} for our menu options. Options can be pre-ordered at time of booking or added day of.
  • Can I bring in outside food as a drop-in?
    No, outside food is prohibited inside our facility and is strictly enforced.
  • Do you accept the Access 2 Card?
    Yes, by presenting this card, 1 adult will receive free admission.
  • Do you have free WIFI?
    Yes, our WIFI for customers is “Crash Crawly’s guest” and there is no password required.
  • How can I buy tokens and are they refundable?
    Tokens can be bought by cash or card. However, tokens hold no monetary value once purchased and, therefore cannot be refunded.
  • Can I go in the structure with my child?
    Yes, shoes must be taken off and socks must be worn.
  • Is there a time limit for drop-in admission?
    No, drop-in customers once inside can stay as long as they’d like. However, no exit and re-entry are allowed. Once you have left, you must purchase a new admission to re-enter the facility.
  • Do I need to come earlier than my party start time?
    No this actually slows down our process. We need you to arrive at your designated party time. You will be asked for a guest list and to sign your party waiver form.
  • If I cancel my party do I get my $100 deposit back?
    No, deposits are not refundable. However, we do let parties reschedule (once) and use their $100 deposit towards a new party date. The two requirements below must be met to transfer your deposit. A minimum of 24hr notice was given. You must call our store and then send an email to You have 14 days from your original party booking date to have your new party with us. After 14 days have passed or you fail to give 24hrs notice you will lose your $100 deposit completely.
  • Can I come early to decorate my party room before my party slot?
    No. Parties only get their room at their designated party time.
  • Do you have a fridge or freezer for birthday cakes?
    Yes. We have both a fridge and freezer for the cakes.
  • Are we allowed to bring outside food/drinks to a party?
    Yes. We have a $75 outside food and drink fee which allows parties to bring in any desired food and or drinks. No alcohol permitted.
  • What if my child or child in the party has a food allergy?
    If you communicate this with us at time of booking we allow you to bring in a separate meal for only the child with an allergy.
  • Can we extend our time in the party room after our party is over?
    No. You cannot extend time unless you book extra slots. This must be done at the time of booking.
  • Can we stay at the facility once our party time slot is over?
    Yes, if you pay the flat $100 fee to stay, you are welcome to move your guests to the main seating area for extra play time. Parties must leave their designated party room.
  • Can we bring in balloons?
    Yes, but please make sure helium balloons are properly weighted down. If any balloons somehow end up on ceiling we cannot get them back down during your event. No hot plates, glitter, confetti, or pinata's allowed.
  • Do you provide party utensils/cutlery?
    We provide cups and plates for the food and drinks included in our party package and anything ordered from our concession. However, we do not provide meal utensils, plates, and cups for cakes or outside food and drinks brought in.

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