Hours, Rates, and Contact

Monday, August 31st – We are CLOSED due to a power outage.

Hours of Operations:
Sun:    930AM to 8PM
Mon:   11AM to 8PM
Tues:   11AM to 8PM
Wed:   11AM to 8PM
Thur:  11AM to 8PM
Fri:     11AM to 930PM
Sat:     930AM to 930PM

Weekday Rates
2 years and under $7.99
3 years and over $9.99

Weekend Rates/ Holidays
2 years and under $7.99  
3 years and over $11.99*

*All holidays, school breaks (i.e. Spring Break) and Pro D days

- 1 parent/guardian (18 years or older) must stay at all times
– Socks are required to play in the playground
– Outside food is not permitted inside Crash Crawly’s (Exceptions apply to scheduled birthday parties and scheduled groups)

Unit 1, 1300 Woolridge Street, Coquitlam