Rules and Restrictions

In order to make sure your party runs smoothly, check out how your regular party will run.

Also please familiarize yourself with our rules and restrictions before you visit our facility.

  • Food cannot leave the party area.
  • Adults are free on weekdays and on weekends all adults are $4.99 each to enter the facility. The party parents can offer to pay for additional adults, but are not obligated. If you want to stay and attend the party, you should be paying your own $4.99 admission when you enter the facility.
  • We do no supply meal utensils. These can be purchased for a $6.95 fee and includes white plates, napkins, forks and cups only.
  • If you bring in outside food and drinks you will be charged a fee of $49.99.
  • No balloons, helium tanks, piñatas, glitter, or confetti are allowed in the facility.
  • Parties require a $50 deposit at time of booking and are non-refundable.
  • Each party is responsible for their room cleanup. Room is to look like it did upon arrival. (Staff will sanitize the table, seating and sweep the floors).
  • Do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your reservation time as you will not be admitted early. Tables provided are for the children attending the party to eat their meal. If adults need additional seating, they will need to sit in the general admission area for the public.
  • Parties cannot exceed the 1 hour 45 minute allotted room time otherwise a late fee will apply.
  • Outside food cannot be cooked in our kitchen and must be preheated before you arrive. Food warmers or appliances are not permitted.
  • All children and adults entering the playground must wear socks to play, no exceptions.