How your party will run…

All birthday parties are 2 hours and 15 minutes, from start to finish.

Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your reserved time, as you will not be admitted to the play center early. Parties are scheduled at specific times and arriving too early will delay other parties registering and rooms aren’t ready until their designated times.

Sign in your party at the front counter and remember to bring your guest list, as it speeds up the process.

Bring in your own cake. If you bring in your own food and drinks for an outside fee of $75.

You will be shown to your room by a staff member while the kids play in the playground for 60 minutes. This is the ideal time to add any party extras like the train ride, tokens or ninja tag.

After one hour, a staff member will call the kids to the room. Bring in your own meal utensils.

We recommend you do your cake right after the meal, so you don’t run out of time in the room. If there is extra time, feel free to open gifts or the kids can head back into the playground.

At this point, parents are responsible for the room cleanup. Room is to look like it did upon arrival. (Staff will sanitize the tables, seating and sweep the floors.)

Due to the high volume of parties on the weekends, we must stick to our schedule concerning the room time; however, if space is available, you can play an additional hour in the playground after the room time has finished.

A staff member will ask you to pay the remaining balance of your bill before exiting your room. You are only charged for the number of children that attend the party (min 8 children), not what number you booked for.

Adults are $6.00 to enter the facility. The party parents can offer to pay for additional adults, but are not obligated. If you want to stay and attend the party, you should be paying your own $6.00 admission when you enter the facility.

Make sure to give the kids their goody bags prior to their departure.

All kids require socks to play. We recommend kids wear casual clothing as it is easier for them to navigate the playground. Please note an admission fee is applicable for all children attending the party that are 17 years or younger, whether helping or playing.