Frequently asked questions for daily rates…

1. What are your hours of operations?
We are open Monday to Friday 12pm to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 10am to 7pm. On holidays our hours can change. Please refer to our website for updates.

2. Admission Fee
Everyone entering our facility will be charged an admission. Tickets cannot be swapped and are good for all day in and out.

3. How old do kids have to be to play at Crash Crawly’s? Do you have a toddler area?
Our playground is appropriate for kids of all ages. Our structure is built to hold adults so anyone can play in it. We have a toddler area for little ones that are three years old or younger.

4. What should my kids wear to play?
All kids should wear comfortable clothing as that is easiest for them to navigate through the playground. Longer pants are better than shorts so you don’t stick going down the fast slide.

5. Does your location have wheelchair and stroller access? 

6. Is your facility nut free? 
We do not sell any snacks or drinks that contain nut products; however, we cannot guarantee that guests do not bring nuts into the facility. We do our best to remind parents if we see them consuming nuts in our store.

7. Can I bring my own food and drinks into the facility? Do you sell food and drinks?
No you cannot bring your own food or drinks into the facility. We have a concession area that sells drinks and snacks.

8. Can I bring food or drinks into the playground?
No. We ask all children and adults refrain from eating and drinking in the playground. This is for sanitary purposes. All drinks and food must remain in the seating area only. This applies to the toddler area as well.

9. Are there washrooms in your facility?
Yes. The main washrooms are located on the second floor above the party rooms. There is a wheelchair access washroom located on the first floor.

10. What type of security measures do you have in place?
When you purchase a ticket, each child and adult entering the facility are given a wrist band. Each wristband is assigned a bin number to check in your shoes. This number is checked upon exiting to ensure kids leave with the right parent. Our entrance and exit doors must be buzzed open by a staff member. We monitor the entrance and exit to ensure that no children run out on their own. When a child is here with their parent, it is up to the parent to supervise their child at all times.

11. What is your privacy policy?
We respect all of our customer’s privacy. Any information that is collected from admission waivers will not be sold to other organizations for any purpose.